Remember how disappointing that last Dark Knight Rises poster was? It seems like ages ago (almost a full 24 hours) but thankfully Warner Brothers is doing their best to wash the taste out of our mouths with these three character posters via Cinema Blend (a few more posters at the link). It creeps me out that I can’t see Catwoman’s eyes. She’s looking right at me. Staring into my soul, even. A few bonus thoughts below the images: 

This campaign has been far removed from the excitement that WB generated back in 2008 for The Dark Knight. On one hand, this movie’s audience is built in. But I don’t think it’d hurt the studio to put up a stronger front. Regardless of quality, it’ll be hard for this film to make the bank of its predecessor. Especially with The Avengers shifting the paradigm towards lighter superhero fare. Still, I love me some Batman. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing Nolan and Co. knock this out of the park, regardless of a pretty poor marketing effort.