Recently I tried turning you on to a short film from Quentin Dupieux that has Bill Fichtner playing chess with Flat Eric to promote the director’s new (free) music album. Well just that fast you get to enjoy another short film from the talented director of Rubber and Wrong, and this time it will actually be the first part of a feature-length film. Here’s the trailer for the short…

Part 1 of Wrong Cops stars Marilyn Manson and begins the story of a pair of fucked up cops. In two days you’ll be able to stream it online as audiences see it at Cannes, and… well, here are the fact from Dupieux’s site:

FACT #1 :WRONG COPS is Quentin DUPIEUX’s third movie produced by REALITISM FILMS. It is a filthy 90 minute comedy about some disturbed cops. It is not a sequel to “WRONG”. Quentin Dupieux is just lazy with titles.

FACT #2 :WRONG COPS chapter one (13 minutes) will premiere at the 2012 Cannes Festival (Director’s fortnight selection) on May 24th at 4pm.

FACT #3 :If you’re not going to the Cannes Festival, you can still invite yourself to the WRONG COPS chapter one ONLINE PREMIERE on May 24th.

FACT #4 :If you don’t know what to do right now, you can watch the WRONG COPS chapter one teaser again.

FACT #5 :If you don’ t know Quentin Dupieux yet, you should check out his movie RUBBER, or maybe download his latest record for free here (yes he makes music too, wow).

You can see the full site at this link. The trailer for the first short is below, and looks precisely like we’ve come to expect from Dupieux, with a stark, awkward sense of nasty humor. I can’t wait.

Make sure you sign up for a reminder of the stream so you don’t, as Dupieux says, “miss it like a dick.”