Smarter folks than I have broken down the implications of the man-child current running through the work of Seth Rogen’s crew, and I have to think Townies — which pits a settled-down family man against a rowdy frat house leader — will fit right into that narrative.

Rogen will take on the role of the suburban Dad who just wants the frat house nearby to keep it down a little bit, but won’t find much help from the frat house’s president, played by Zac Efron. Apparently their rivalry will spark off much hilarity with, I assume, lots of prank and antics that eventually bring the two together with some sort of common enemy or something. You know the deal. Regardless, it will certainly be an example of the well-balanced modern man-nerd giving it back to the douchey oft-laid bully of his college years.

Townies will likely be the next project from Five-Year Engagement director Nicholas Stoller, and should be right up his alley. The project originates from a pitch from screenwriters Andrew Cohen and Brendan O’Brien that interested Universal and has now snowballed into an active project that might be Efron’s start towards moving down a Channing Tatum path. A pretty boy making a strong turn in a comedy is a great way to jump-start one’s reputation with the dick-swinging quadrants you push away with the romantic dramas, thought it helps to have solid projects lined up to follow through with. If he does good work against (and up in) Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy, this might be that solid follow up.




Source | /Film