Perty.Every year there’s the big hit TV show that introduces/reintroduces actors to the scene. Most of the time, they go opposite Johnny Storm (flame out!) or try to leverage their newly acquired small screen fame to impotently launch/relaunch a film career (Laura Flynn Boyle, David Carusso, Debra Messing). Grey’s Anatomy has been no exception- Patrick Dempsey was all but forgotton until the show a-sploded and Katherine Heigl was on the Zyzzx Rd. to cute girl mediocrity and the Maxim/FHM cheesecake circuit. Now she’s fast become a household name and is starring in films that could go places- specifically the buzzed about Knocked Up.

Well, what better way to follow than play to type I always say. Katherine’s second post-Gray’s starring role, 27 Dresses, has just been announced, and it looks like a safe and easy choice back to Ho-Humville and Mediocrity Town via the played out wedding rom com express. Naturally, Heigl will play the cute single gal who’s always been the bridesmaid (27 times, even) but never the bride. Then, wouldn’t you know it, her sister asks her to be a bridesmaid for her wedding to the guy poor Heigl is twitterpated with. Life is just not fair. But somehow, I imagine it will all work out in this one.

27 Dresses is scripted by Devil Wears Prada‘s
Aline Brosh McKenna, which is good news for all the folks who like Devil, but it’s since been rewritten by wedding lover Dana Fox, who gave us Messing’s wedding bust The Wedding Date. Step Up director Anne Fletcher will direct.