I didn’t become a fan of Breaking Bad until January of last year when I picked up the first season cheap at Target. I waited until June to pick up seasons 2 and 3, and I was HOOKED. It definitely is the best show on television, and if you don’t watch it, you need to. Some of the most brilliant writing currently on tv, and I unashamedly love it more than Mad Men which I’m not that crazy about to begin with.

When word came out that Season 5 would be it’s last, that was actually a bit of a relief as the show can only go along a bit further, especially after the end of season 4.

Now season 5 has a release date. July 15th ladies and gents. That’s when the first 8 episodes of the final 16 episodes airs. When does the rest of the season air?

Summer 2013.

That’s right, they’re going to make us sweat FOR A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR to see the last 8 episodes.

Just imagine this. They end the first half of the season with an episode that ended like season 4’s “Crawlspace” and then that’s it. A whole year we have to wait to see the rest of it. That is cinematic cockteasing, and will certainly piss people off (I’m already pissed off). This is not The Walking Dead where they’re only off a little over 2 months.

Here’s the Crawlspace ending scene for reference.

So anyway, mark your calendars, July 15th.

source: vulture