America we have YouTube. In Russia they have RuTube. This Yakov Smirnoff realization came as I was watching some footage from Stardust, Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s story about faeries and other stuff fat Renaissance chicks love.

There’s not been any footage shown to loyal Americans, but the Russkies get a whole scene, which seems to set up the plot of the film, and then some clips of exciting moments set to a very familiar tune. Maybe it’s some kind of sea shanty.

In fact there’s been zilch by way of anything for us when it comes to Stardust, despite the movie arriving in a few short months. I am actually very excited for the film because I want to see what else Vaughn is capable of – I think he’s got a lot of talent banging around in himself, and it’s always nice to get somebody good out there making movies.

Link taken down due to letter from Paramount Legal.