In recent months for reasons of varying importance, my personal goals
have changed in regards to the projects I developing, and I’ve realized
that the more you can actually control in this business the better. As
a result, the myriad of screenplays on my hard drive collecting
cyberdust and the stuff in my lame head that needs out, I’m not waiting
for some 3-picture deal that’s never coming. Instead, I’m getting
professional artists and getting them done as comics. That way the
stories get told and what happens from there simply happens. It’s
certainly not the American Dream, but I think there’s some good stuff
to be shared and I’ll make whatever sacrifices I have to do it. As a
result, the whole Krakenheads thing is happening. Comic books are the
first wave, and this is the second one I’m sharing with you guys even
though a different title will hit stands before this one.

The first I shared was This Hollow World. Check it here.

Night Falls on Destiny (The Bridger Adventures).

This one’s a little more old school and classic pulp. A horror/western, this is the first in a series from myself and Steve Murphy and artist Matt Kimble (who is also drawing my sick and twisted crime comic, Bludgeon). Bridger’s a fun character and we’re going to have a lot of fun with him. This book, which will run around 100 pages, is going to be released as a B&W trade and if you dig your pulp I think you may find something to like here. The premise involves our boy arriving in a town in a spot of trouble and having to decide just exactly how to deal with it. The less said the better.

And now, ten pages of Night Falls on Destiny

Cover Concept

Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five

Page Six

Page Seven

Page Eight

Page Nine

Page Ten