FREARSOME.After basking in the glow of The Queen‘s success, two-time best director nominee Stephen Frears is in talks to move on to his next filmic project, The Burial.

Based on a New Yorker piece written by A Civil Action author Jonathan Harr (which was subsequently made into cinematic Lunesta), the Rain Maker story focuses on how attorney, philanthropist and corporate wallet opener Willie "The Giant Killer" Gary went up against a monolithic funeral home conglomeration to win judgement for a Southern funeral home operator.

No word on whether The Burial will touch on Willie’s Horatio Alger tale of humble upbringing. Willie started life as a Southern migrant worker, but subsequently transformed himself into an incredibly successful lawyer who flys around in an embarrassingly named private jet called "The Wings of Justice" to win cases against the Microsofts and Anheuser-Beusch’s of the world.

The Burial case sounds heroic, until you consider the fact Willie is currently on trial for accusations of falsifying evidence, making false statements and improperly appealing for the jury’s sympathy in the Anheuser-Busch case. Or maybe that’s just sour grapes. Either way, the flawless perfection of the U.S. court system is sure to root out the truth.