CK almost hit. He had a show on HBO, Lucky Louie, that
was really growing, getting better every single episode*… until the network
cancelled it unceremoniously. CK has been one of those guys working hard in
comedy who should be better known and whose work should be better appreciated (fuck
all y’all Pootie Tang haters. That’s a hilarious movie). Now he’ll be getting a
bigger exposure with a role in a new Martin Lawrence movie.

No, we’re not running the same news twice – there are two
Martin Lawrence stories today
! It’s like all of our dreams came true at once! The
film that Louis CK is going to be in is called The Better Man, and it features
Lawrence as a talk show host who moves back home in the South. Louis CK will be
his ‘fast talking producer.’ I don’t know who wrote the film, but CK co-wrote I
Think I Love My Wife
, opening this weekend, with frequent collaborator Chris Rock.
So maybe CK had this one in his word processor and it’ll be worth watching.

*Plus it featured the woman who does the voice of Bobby on
King of the Hill and she was adorable enough to give me boners on a regular
basis, which made watching the cartoon a truly surreal psychosexual experience.