Martin!Remember when Martin Lawrence used to do edgy movies? Neither do I. I do, however, faintly recall Lawrence as an edgy comedian (and by edgy, I guess I mean unafraid of scatology and f-bombing). In the end, that’s his choice and I can’t slight a guy for getting soft in his old age.

But I can slight the crappy movies he makes: Big Momma’s House 2, National Security, Black Knight, What’s the Worst That Could Happen. I’m usually easier on comedies as the whole concept is subjective, but man- those were awful. And they keep on coming. The man who voiced a bear pooping in the woods is teaming up with, like, That’s So Raven‘s Raven-Symone for College Road Trip, which I guess is a teen version of the brainless Are We There Yet?.

Like virtually every other time around, Martin plays a cop. But not just any cop– a wise-cracking, overprotective and loveable cop. Raven-Symone plays his brilliant daughter with aspirations of attorney-dom. Together, they hit the road to look for colleges. Oh, the


College Road Trip will begin shooting early summer and if the premise sounds formulaically insipid, comfort yourself in the fact it allowed a couple folks from the Disney Writer’s Program to get a foot in the door.