Jones IV (Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods? Really? – Nick) may or may not feature Shia LaBeouf (depending on which day of the week you speak to him) but it will definitely star none other than Cate Blanchett. Finally, there’s some news about this film that makes me not completely fear it.

There’s no telling what role Blanchett will play (well, it’s probably obvious that Indy will be hitting on her, and maybe even macking with her. In fact, who wants to bet that Indy AND son try to get their swerve on with Blanchett?), since David Koepp’s script is super duper top secret. Whatever that role is, she’ll play it well – which is going to be a first for the Indiana Jones series, which has previously filled the female roles with actresses guaranteed to never be nominated for Oscars… and now they’ve got an Oscar winner! What a turnabout.

Shooting starts in June in Los Angeles. Blanchett is currently finishing up The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for director David Fincher.