I’ve stated previously that I recently read the Night Shift collection by Stephen King. I had the opportunity to read a bunch of short stories that were turned into feature length films. One of which was The Lawnmower Man. I’d read about the story before, and it sounded bizarre enough. A guy hires a man to cut his grass, said man arrives, strips naked, crawls around behind his lawnmower that moves of it’s own accord, and EATS THE GRASS IT CUTS. It only gets weirder from there, and this is a really short story too.

The short story was turned into a film that was pretty much in name only. Oh, it had a guy (Jeff Fahey!) who cut grass, but he didn’t get naked and eat the grass. He was just buddies with Geoffrey Lewis and Pierce Brosnan.

Needless to say, the film was terrible, even with it’s then cutting edge special effects. It was followed by a sequel that featured Patrick Bergin and Matt Frewer, and I actually found that one to be more entertaining than the first one.

Now, about 16 years after that sequel, we’re getting a tv series. Why are we getting a tv series? Beats me. I guess since Nightbreed is being developed as a tv series, as well as Hellraiser, they want to turn something by Stephen King into a tv series, and this one is available.

Strangely enough, it’s already got a 26 HOUR LONG EPISODE order. The financiers must really have faith in this project, because most tv series’ only have a 13 episode order.

So we can all look forward to not seeing this, or curiosity will get some of us (I won’t lie, I’ll probably check it out.) and maybe it will be watchable. Then again maybe it will be a complete and utter waste of time and money.

source: moviehole