Life has been hard for Brandon Routh since Superman Returns. Or maybe it’s normal – much as was his situation before donning the cape and tights, Routh has been pretty much not working. As in he has nothing on his IMDB, and I don’t think we’ve heard all that many rumors about him being attached to anything except Superman: The Man of Steel, a movie that may not even happen.

Now life’s getting hot; he’s finally got another job, playing a junkie in Life is Hot in Cracktown, a movie that Dan Vinton has been ably chronicling for us. Routh tells his unofficial fansite that Cracktown is a chance for him to “play against type” – what type is that? People only know him from one movie, and if the box office is any indication, most people weren’t that impressed anyway. I mean, maybe he means the role gives him a chance to not play an effete superhero who mopes too much and has to get rescued a guy who had been atomized earlier in the summer.

Routh also tells the site that he has other projects in the works, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath if I was him (or maybe I would, because I think he’s an effete mopey superhero who doesn’t need to breathe) – after all, he doesn’t even rate a mention in any of the trade breaks about the movie yet, while the kid from Lords of Dogtown does. Ouch!