Greg Rucka is great. His comic book work, primarily the Queen and Country series, is oftentimes better than the love of a grandmother and his work as a novelist ain’t too shabby either. As a downside, he is friends with Thor’s Comic Column scribe Sean Fahey, and we all know what kind of chore that can be…

His comic book Whiteout is surprisingly not about the Tom Metzger family reunion but rather the tale of a murder investigation in Antarctica right before the long period of night begins in that cold, strange place. Speaking of cold strange places, this film almost starred Reese Witherspoon.

Already cast in Dominic "Gone in 50 Seconds" Sena’s flick are Kate Beckinsale in the almost-Reese role and Tom "I’m one of the Mii’s on Nick’s Wii" Skerritt, but the big news today is that CHUD fave and quite underappreciated Gabriel "I survived John Rogers’ American Outlaws" Macht has been cast as the male lead in the film. I know what you’re thinking.

"How on Earth can another male compete with Tom Skerritt?"

Macht saw an opportunity and he took it. And broke a major rule of engagement.

Macht is a damn good actor who’s often saddled with bad films like The Recruit and thusly has never been able to carve out his niche in the film business, something Whiteout probably won’t help him do, but it’s always nice to see a talent get a crack at the forefront. By forefront I mean a solid comic book adaptation and a degree of separation from legendary auteur Len Wiseman.

This could be a nice little flick if a few stars align and Sena forgets he’s Dominic Sena.

Here’s hoping he packs a Macht turtleneck for the cold shoot.