It’s been a quiet couple of years for Fernando Meirelles, who came out of the gate strong with City of God and followed up nice with The Constant Gardener. Now the Brazialian director has a third picture lined up: an adaptation of the novel Blindness by Jose Saramago. (Buy the book from CHUD!)

(OK, maybe not so quiet, as I was reminded of the City of Men mini-series, which I was never smart enough to tune in for.)

The story concerns a city pushed to the edge of civilization by an inexplicable outbreak of blindness. In a move that thrills me and most of Canada, the script has been penned by the hero of channel surfers everywhere: Don McKellar.

Daniel Craig and Julianne Moore are in talks to star, and Empire reports that McKellar will appear as well. It’s amazing how I can already feel my ass settling into the theater seat.