would win in a fight between a swarm of locusts and Hilary Swank? That's a rough one, 'cause Hilary lookin' DUFF! The Reaping is the Oscar winner's horror flick, finally being released after a bit of a date change two-step, the tale of a woman who has lost her faith and is forced to confront it when a series of what appear to be the Biblical plagues present themselves. Locusts appear and things go south. Really south.

It's directed by Stephen Hopkins, who pitted Predators against Rasta Men, dropped Jeremy Piven off a rooftop, and delivered shit-hot mainstream TV entertainment in his day.

Plus, Hilary's looking DUFF! The latest Esquire has some lovely pictures of the lady and I must admit that I dig her. She's LITHE. And talented!

Want to see this Reaping before your co-workers and parole officers?

Using the corresponding link below, send me your name and address and tell me what other horror film featuring a great actor you like the best. Mine's probably The Shining*.




This film has been rated R by the MPAA for violence, disturbing images and some sexuality.

* - Because Shelly Duvall is one amazing actor!