It seems that things have been quiet over the proposed Blade Runner sequel, and now a big lump of interesting news has landed. Hampton Fancher, one of the scripters of the original film is now talking with Sir Ridley on what they should do with the sequel. The only news so far is that (obviously) the film will take place “some years” after the original one.

At least we already know that this will indeed be a sequel, rather than a prequel or some kind of side story* that they’re making. So let’s hope Sir Ridley and Fancher can put together a great film, as the original is a classic sci-fi masterpiece. Personally it’s one of the few films I consider to be perfect, and something I tend to watch at least once a year.

So lets keep our eyes and ears open for more news. Perhaps they’ll also be able to get David Webb Peoples on board.

*Paul W.S. Anderson’s underrated Soldier, scripted by David Webb Peoples has been said by the writer to “take place in the same universe” as Blade Runner, and that at some point (I’ve never noticed it the several times I’ve seen the film) a Spinner makes an appearance in the junkyard where the film is set.

source: deadline