’s another one for the alternate universe casting of Watchmen – Ron Perlman tells Daniel Robert Epstein, usually of Suicide Girls but this time at Newsarama, that he was once in consideration to play the Comedian in the adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ comic book classic.

See, Lloyd Levin and Larry Gordon, the producers of Hellboy, are also producing Watchmen, so they were backing the big fella for the role. Obviously it hasn’t worked out – I would assume that this was during the Paul Greengrass era of the project.

Meanwhile, there’s still no official word on a greenlighting of Watchmen at Warner Bros. I was talking to someone there yesterday and was told everybody was expecting the news to come down on Monday… so what are they waiting for? Perhaps to see how 300 performs in week two? Or is this part of a budget battle between Snyder and the studio? He’s said that he sees the movie as a 150 million dollar affair, while Warner Bros wants to do it for 100 or less – which I think just doesn’t make sense. The film’s too big for that budget.