A little earlier this month, I brought you news of a new Halle Berry picture based on the real life incident in Tulia, Texas where half the town’s black male population was convicted and imprisoned in an absurdly shaky drug bust devoid of any physical evidence whatsoever and based solely on the word of one rather undependable white cop. The film, Tulia, is going to be made by Lionsgate under the direction of Carl Franklin.

Now comes word that the film will be hosting two reunions of sorts. They’ve just cast Billy Bob Thornton to star in it, so he would not only be reuniting with Berry after their Monster’s Ball, but also with Franklin, who directed Thornton in his first major theatrical film as one of the murderous leads in One False Move. Franklin’s also doing a rewrite of the script. There hasn’t been definite word on Thornton’s role, but I would imagine he’d have to be portraying corrupt police officer Tom Coleman, the man who instigated the entire incident.

I’m hoping that the pic will get past the obvious injustice done to these folks to look at the root causes that could not allow for something like this to happen in a small southern town, but for it to be applauded by the townspeople and ignored nationally for far too long before something was done about it. This wasn’t an incident that occurred in 1939 or 1959. This was 1999, and for all of our talk and self-congratulations on how much progress we’ve made, incidents like this are ugly reminders of how deep the sickness goes and endures.