Of all the superheroic skills one could possess, being good with a bow and arrow ranks somewhere below talking to fish and only slightly above being able to teleport someone into an adjacent room. You may have noticed how little Hawkeye brought to the table in that final battle during Avengers. Oliver Queen, a similar chap who’s better known as Green Arrow in the DCU, is an intriguing character (a billionaire with a Vandyke beard and liberal tendencies) whose only weakness is poor vantage points. Wait, that’s actually a pretty glaring weakness.

I never watched Smallville, but I know they had a Green Arrow as well (played by Justin Hartley). Strange then that they wouldn’t just spin the character off from that show. What I find truly egregious in the below footage of the CW’s upcoming Arrow is CW substituting the trademark Vandyke beard for that weak-looking peach fuzz. I get that this is an origin story, is he growing it out? Does the Vandyke come later? If so, he should fashion the points of his arrows into mini-combs that he can groom his beard with right before he fires it into the heart of Black Manta or Ronald Reagan or whoever the hell the villain is going to be.

It doesn’t help that Vandyke-less Steve Amell delivers lines like he just awoke from the most taxing coma ever. And why does Green Arrow need sixpack abs? What immediate threats could possibly befall him up in that arrow perch that would require him to look sexy with his shirt off?

Hey WB, if this tanks can we finally get Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max greenlit?

Source: Super Hero Hype

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