So you have The Hangover, which is sometimes trite and annoyingly Bro-tastic, but then you have something like Wild Hogs, which is always trite and pandering to the absolute max. I suppose there’s always the chance that Last Vegas — a film about a group of aging boomers getting together for one last Vegas outing — will be in the edgier mold of  The Hangover, but despite citing that film as an inspiration, I think we’re more looking at Wild Hogs 2: Bucket Fist.

Our first clue that this is the case? Dirctor Jon Turtletaub for one thing. Our second? The script comes from Disney writer turned rom-com spinner Dan Fogelman (Cars … Crazy, Stupid, Love), which is the biggest sign this will have zero teeth (pun fucking intended).

The attempt to reteam Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson is another strong hint, though Jack never signed on. Freeman has just now attached himself formally to the project. That makes the present cast line up Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, and the aforementioned Freeman. Douglas is great, Freeman is a quality chameleon, and DeNiro is fuckoff. The odds aren’t in this thing’s favor. There are rumors that Christopher Walken is a possibility for the fourth crew member, but that just sounds like tossing the great William H. Macy into Wild Hogs- a day late and a character actor short.

Maybe while they’re in town they can drive by the Tangiers and wax nostalgic about Bobby D’s better days…

via /Film