Peace Out.Monster/man-eating animal movies will usually plant my butt in a seat without question. Except Sci-Fi monster/large animal movies – those are terrible. Still, the late 70s, in the frenzied attempt to piggy-back the Jaws phenomenon, rolled out some choice and campy selections with Tentacles, Orca, Empire of the Ants and of course, Piranha.

Roughly thirty years later, word is out that Piranha may be getting a face-lift for the two thousands via Dimension Films and the horror-ific eye of Alexandre Aja. IESB is reporting Aja has been tapped to direct and that more information on the remake of the Joe Dante/Corman film will be coming in the next few days.

The 1978 release gave us Piranhas bred for eating NVC troops in the rivers of Vietnam. They’re let loose in the rivers of America and begin taking collective bites out of tourists and camp kids. An updated version has the potential for some serious cheese, yet if this item proves true and Aja plays it straight- there’s a lot of possibility for some uncomfortable moments of fish-shorn flesh.