For an actor, there’s nothing that makes the bank account happy like discovering that your character isn’t as dead as previously thought. Take Rider Strong, who most of us assumed to be dead by the end of Cabin Fever. Apparently his death was exaggerated, because he’s going to be very much alive, and dealing with a virus-infected high school prom in Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever.

I swear I’m not making this up.

Say what you want about Cabin Fever (I won’t, since I have nothing nice to say), it was at least the recognizable product of Eli Roth. But Roth is nowhere in evidence for the sequel, which is the product of Tonic Films (producers Lauren Moews, John Sachar and Patrick Durham) and director Ti West. The new helmer is credited with a small flick called The Roost, and the upcoming Trigger Man, neither of which I’ve had the opportunity to see. And yes, that’s evidently him, as pictured on the IMDB.

Also on board are Brick’s Noah Segan and new young pretty girl Alexi Wasser. I hope they’re not getting the same Blair Witch 2 vibe I’m getting.