It's a paddle! No, it's a weiner!ShoWest, the annual theater exhibition expo, is in full swing in swingin’ Vegas and I’m wondering why I didn’t stop by on my way back from California to crash the party. As a consolation prize, I did get a great picture of the recently hyped road Zzyzx going 85 M.P.H. on Northbound I-15.

But so much for travelogues.
Latino Review has a man on the scene who’s crawling all over ShoWest and snapping pics of the stuff the rest of us can’t see (but will soon enough). Namely, upcoming movie posters and cardboard lobby creative.

Marvel at the lesbianic eroticism of The Exterminating Angels poster. Phallicize at the creativity of the Balls of Fury poster (Oh, man! It looks like a Unit!). Become gobsmacked the art for the Sandler comedy Chuck and Larry, The Bourne Ultimatum and Larry the Cable guy holding his limp gun.

Check out all snapshots here, including a Silver Surfer statuette I know many a FF fan would love to caress in the privacy of their bedroom before going to bed at night.