Some of these smaller, artier films are starting to realize that a sexy image will buy a thousand blogs, so I feel like I’m seeing more “prestige” films using sex in their first images. Not that that’s something I wouldn’t expect from a De Palma film, but I wouldn’t have guessed I’d be getting an implied glimpse of Nicole Kidman’s box from Lee Daniel’s seemingly long-overdue follow up to Precious, The Paperboy.

The film stars Kidman along with Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey, in an (apparently) trailer-trashy story of an attempt to free a wrongly convicted deathrow inmate.

“My daughter told me about the Internet reporters of this Basic Instinct moment, it’s actually a Paperboy moment. There ain’t no Basic Instinct moment because we get down- this is just one of the many moments of us getting down in this movie.”

That’s Daniels remarking on the scene to USA Today as they investigate the already-infamous scene. The thing is, there’s almost no chance you get to peek at Kidman’s cooter in this film, so I can imagine there’s a more shocking moment elsewhere. I think the internet has effectively (and perhaps rightly) killed that kind of bravery from super mainstream actresses, even those looking for a splash by showing their smash. Even if she were to go all out, the shock value would be so cheapened and quickly discarded by our attention spans that what would even be the point?

In any event, I just hope the film is good or interesting or unique on its own merits, and is worth eyeballs for more than just twat promises. I will say McConaughey’s been on fire lately, and I’m intrigued to see Efron play off of (and inside of) Kidman, so the film has me on board one way or another.

I hope there’s as much or more vagina-related controversy surrounding Daniels’ next film