What a breath of fresh air this trailer for Maniac is. Cut for its Cannes debut, it’s a more measured and ultimately fucked up look at a slasher remake than you would ever get from an American teaser. From the looks of it, this isn’t your average, cheap horror flick, but something more disturbing and yet still, seemingly, pretty gory. It seems to be heavily trading on a Black Swan vibe, but taking the visual horror (and the rapey feelings) much further.

Take a lightly NSFW look…

I like that even the trailer tropes they do use — the strobe cuts, for example, where they flash every other frame to black before cutting away — have some cool twist on them- in this case the sound is cut in a way you don’t usually hear.

Elijah Wood sounds like he might have reached a place where he can be creepy, but not just because he sounds like a pathetic man-child whining with a knife in his hand. He sounds genuinely touched, and in a much more adult way. I’m very into this now, how about you?

We should be hearing first impressions from France soon, but we’re still awaiting a date (and likely a distributor?) for Franck Khalfoun‘s super Giallo-style remake of the 1980 cult film.

No word on if this acts as a Kevin sequel for Elijah’s turn in Sin City.

via Film School Rejects