It’s not often a unique and memorable director (or directors, in this case) have a film completed but set aside for several years merely due to being too busy. Such is the case with Do-Deca Pentathalon, which is the “lost” Duplass Bro’s film of sorts, except that when they shot it they just got caught up in making Cyrus and then Jeff Who Lives At Home before they could edit it. Now, just in time for the synergistic 2012 Olympics, they’ve finally putting it out there, and it clearly acts as a time-capsule of their filmmaking from an earlier, even indier time. It’s like seeing a prequel to the Duplass Brothers own recent ouvre, considering how clearly it thematically connects to their current work.

I hear it’s great, it looks funny, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to go back to a time before they got caught up in those terrible, dumb snap-zooms. Clearly the photography is a little more primitive overall, but fuck those zooms man. You can see it in HD at Apple.

via /Film