Well we’ve seen Anthony Hopkin’s ‘cock, now we’ll get to see his Hemingway.

It looks like Hopkins will be following up his Psycho-focused Hitchcock biopic with another focused on the life of famed writer Ernest Hemingway shortly before he wrote his most beloved (and final) book, The Old Man And The Sea.

Annette Bening will also join the cast to play Hemingway’s wife (his third), and all will be directed by Andy Garcia, who himself will take a role- Hemingway’s friend and first mate Gregorio Fuentes. Garcia is collaborating with Hemingway’s granddaughter on the screenplay, called Hemingway & Fuentes, and they look to shoot at the break of the new year in 2013.

I don’t think it will be a challenge for Hopkins to physically sink into the role, nor will Garcia likely find it difficult to sink into directing it as it takes place primarily in 1950s Cuba, the setting of his other directorial effort, The Lost City. That’s not a film I’ve ever caught so I don’t have much of an opinion of Garcia’s directing chops, but it’s at least up his alley.

So, what slightly-grizzled, just-a-touch-husky famous figure should Hopkins tackle next? If he wants to go presidential again and stick with the H theme, he could probably make a mean Hoover.

Source | Deadline