Since Jobs’ death we’ve been covering the two biopic projects that have sprung up, one being the suddenly jump-started but long-planned biopic from a marketing company that thought it would be a good idea, and the one from Sony. The bigger studio has been slower to move, but almost right away we found out that Sony was approaching Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who seemed more than a little bit hesitant to follow up two well liked biopic scripts with one about an actual friend of his. Apparently the subsequent months since October he has talked himself or been talked into it as the writer has just been confirmed as the screenwriter for the project.

I don’t have to tell you what this means- Sorkin’s last two screenplays and gold speak for him.

What I can say is this makes me very excited about the thematic possibilities rather than any opportunity to see the Apple story played out on screen. It also make me wonder how we’ll look back on this trio of films, and if we’ll find that Steve Jobs (the title it’s working under) maintains any kind of structural or thematic continuity with the last two films. Will we see something more sweepingly epic? Hyper-focused?

Now comes the question of who will play Jobs, and how much does this diminish the value of Jobs (the other biopic, which is filming now with Ashton Kutcher) when it tries to be sold on at festival or whatever? They better hustle it out is all I’m saying, or they’re going to end up getting bought by Asylum and used as a cheap cash-in when Sony’s film finally comes out.

Oh, and remember that if this is getting you super-excited, you can watch Jobs out talk any asshole that tries to play him by watching his lost interview picked up by Magnolia.

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