SunshineyUsually being American has its cinematic perks. Sure you’re hated all over the world, but the world can kiss some chunky American ass when it comes to seeing movies first. Except in the case of Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, where Americans can line up to get kicked square in the two-tone Underoos like most of our worldwide bretheren when it comes to first screenings. As you know, while Sunshine debuts across the planet next month, America will wait until a fall/winter release.

In the mean time, the worldwide press tour is raging and Boyle has been giving out some interesting trivia as relayed by someone who attended the Sydney screening/Q & A.

One of the more interesting points that comes out of the attendee report is that that the $40 million sci-fi tale went through 35 script rewrites and spent a year in post production thanks to crappy responses on test screenings. Boyle reportedly blamed it on the lack of completed special effects. Hopefully "unfinished effects" isn’t code for "stupid movie".

Boyle also spoke a little about his next project, which sounds like a return to the light and airy charm of his film Millions. His next project centers on some love struck guy who tries to win a girls heart by appearing on a game show she watches.

If you’re interested in the full brain dump, there’s more trivia and bulletpoints to be found by clicking here. In the mean time, if you can’t wait for Sunshine, just dust of your Mexican passport and do a little of your own border crossing, as Sunshine debuts in Mexico on April 6.