Oh man do I feel you Edgar.

With fans rightly riled up about the Marvel universe with its flagship film making more money than seems necessary, there’s been plenty of increased buzz about Edgar Wright’s potential involvement with that universe by way of his long-gestating Ant-Man project. Its status?

According to Edgar Wright the film is still happening — its never not been happening — and that it’s just taking a while. You know, the way movies do.

“I get quite superstitious because I don’t feel like anybody — websites and stuff — quite understands how hard long it takes and because the film websites update hourly, it’s like ‘What’s the fucking hold up? Just make it. Why isn’t it coming out tomorrow?’  But every film that I’ve made has taken like three years. Each one, it’s been three years between movies. I would love for that gap to be shorter, but the truth is there’s — it’s almost like a holding pattern. There are planes in the air and you have to figure out which one is going to land before they all crash.”

And by god he’s absolutely right. Wright. Right. It’s become infinitely more frustrating watching movies come together as the hyper-fragmented coverage of every short-list, every title change, every actor negotiation, the day they start shooting, any interesting shooting events, the first set image, the first official image, the first poster, the first teaser, etc. etc. etc. has made the filmmaking process seem so constant and immediate that not hearing each and every detail makes it seem like a project isn’t really being developed.

Well, Wright “hopes” they’ll be shooting this year, but ultimately the important thing is that it’s happening. Sure, he might make a movie in between, but the film is, as I like to say, a thing. Give it time internet! I can’t imagine we’re all any more excited to see it start than Wright is himself…

Source | Empire (via Collider)