I was at New York Comic Con, I saw posters for a new movie, The Next Race: The Remote Viewings. I had no idea what that could be, but I was struck by a line on the poster: The First Chapter in the Creation Wars Saga Begins. That, I thought, was ballsy.

I ran into Stewart St. John, the writer and director of The Next Race, and I told him that to his face – here’s this little indie sci-fi movie that no one has heard of and you’re selling it in the first of not just a trilogy but an honest to God saga. That implies a lot of scope. I think Stewart liked hearing that; he’s not unaware that he’s laying it all on the line, and you have to really appreciate that. And the trailer shows that the film has a very interesting look, drawing from serious sci-fi from the last couple of decades.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but it’s playing at 2007 Hollywood DV/HD Festival on Saturday, March 31 at noon. Click here for the site for The Next Race, and to see the trailer and read some of the epic backstory that St. John has worked up for his film. And click here to get your tickets for the screening of The Next Race.