I like the look and feel and energy of this new trailer for Michel Gondry’s latest film, and I also like that he’s not gotten sucked up into blockbuster films (not that anybody is banging down the door for Green Hornet 2). This film, called The We And The I, is about a bus ride on the last day of school for a group of students from the Bronx. The trailer is sharp and full of the expected immaturity and teenage pathos you’d expect, but it has a very airy, entertaining look to it. I’m excited to hear word from it at Cannes.

Angie at /Film points out that the film was at one time pitched with an odd time-traveling element that, from the look of it, has been dispatched with. That said, if Gondry snuck it in and the trailer avoids it, I can imagine we’ll start hearing about how “it’s not what you’d expect” from the festival reviews.

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