In recent months for reasons of varying importance, my personal goals
have changed in regards to the projects I developing, and I’ve realized that the more you can actually control in this business the better. As a result, the myriad of screenplays on my hard drive collecting cyberdust and the stuff in my lame head that needs out, I’m not waiting for some 3-picture deal that’s never coming. Instead, I’m getting professional artists and getting them done as comics. That way the stories get told and what happens from there simply happens. It’s certainly not the American Dream, but I think there’s some good stuff to be shared and I’ll make whatever sacrifices I have to do it. As a result, the whole Krakenheads thing is happening. Comic books are the first wave, and this is the first one I’m sharing with you guys even though a different title will hit stands before this one.

This Hollow World.

Spanning fifty years, the story focuses on the revelation of an entire ecosystem deep beneath the Earth’s crust. Beginning with a tragedy, leading through discovery and into an all-out world war, it’s a modern pulp done gorgeously by artist John Rauch and written by myself and something that should be fun and cool for all ages. An event film without all that pesky film. Below is a five page preview, the prologue to the story set in the 1940’s. Hope you dig. As far as publishing goes, we’re still a ways off from there but it will be done in a very attractive manner, I assure you.

A word from the artist:

I’m John Rauch and
it’s my job to ruin…I mean illustrate this amazing story Nick and I
have been developing. It’s been a thrill already to see how this story
unfolds and I think it’s going to be something really special. I’m as
nervous as I’ve ever been, but hopefully I can turn all this nervous
energy into something that does the story justice. I hope you’ll all
stay tuned to find out!

And now, This Hollow World


Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five