Kar Wai is trying to make workaholics look lazy – the genius Hong Kong filmmaker already has three movies on his immediate docket and now he’s added a fourth. The new one is an untitled film about lesbian love in a high school (one ticket, please!), slated to start in April. The new movie will be sandwiched in between Ashes of Time – Redux (I can’t figure out if this is a remake of his 1994 original or a sequel or a re-edit… one of you out there must know!) and The Lady From Shanghai, starring Rachel Weisz. And before that he’s finishing up My Blueberry Nights, a romance starring Jude Law and Norah Jones in her film debut. That’ll be done in May; Ashes of Time – Redux is going on the festival circuit in the fall.

It’s worth noting that Wong Kar Wai has not yet said he would direct the lesbian movie, so he could just be producing, but that’s still a hell of a line up of work between now and the summer. You have to give this guy serious credit for getting out there and getting work done while the getting is good.