and rumor comes flying from the Pinewood Studios set of Sweeney Todd, Tim Burton’s adaptation of the musical tale of a murderous barber and his landlady who bakes his victims into meat pies. According to sources on the film, the production ground to a halt after Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose was hospitalized with a mysterious illness and the actor rushed off to stay at her bedside (as if all of you ladies in the audience needed yet another reason to swoon for him, he’s a terrific dad!).

As long as Depp’s away, the movie can’t go on, and while word is that Lily-Rose is out of the hospital, dad still hasn’t come back to work. Workers at the studio have been told that they’re all out of jobs if Depp isn’t back by the weekend, but that they’ll be re-employed whenever he does come back. Of course, how long will the film be able to wait? Sitting around costs money, and eventually the actors will have to move on to other projects that they already have scheduled. Hopefully Lily-Rose makes a speedy and complete recovery and no one has to worry about any of these mercenary monetary issues at all.