Now that Rob Zombie has his next film, The Lords Of Salem, complete, and a trailer is forthcoming, he’s been speaking up about 2 of his previously announced films. The full length version of Werewolf Women Of The SS, and the crazy biker throwback Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Apparently Zombie has nixed Werewolf Women Of The SS, as he’s now saying it was never intended to be anything but a fake trailer for Grindhouse. That conflicts with stuff I’d read about him saying he’d filmed about a 30 minute to one hour short film that he cut down to several minutes, and that he was simply going to add to it (a la Robert Rodriguez with Machete).

The other news is that Tyrannosaurus Rex is still a possibility. This is the one I’m looking more forward to, as when it was first announced, with some concept art that I’ve attached (and has a Coming 2009 tag on it) it seemed to be a pretty wild film in the vein of early 70’s biker films, and probably would be something worth championing Zombie’s continued moonlighting as a director. Here’s hoping it’s still on the plate, even though Zombie does mention that he’s just focusing on his music career right now, and that if it does come to fruition it will happen within a year and a half or so.

source: bloody-disgusting