Not Crackdown.
A few weeks back we reported on the development of a film based on the hardboiled novel, Life is Hot Cracktown. The book begs for an ensemble and, (not like I’m a prophet or anything, as anyone who read the book knows it’s crammed with a million characters) sure enough- it’s shaping up to be. Cracktown has added six more actors (bringing the total to 10) interested in flexing some gritty chops on the mean streets of 90’s Manhattan.

Perennial damaged whispy girl Shannyn Sossamon leads the solid but not quite all-star cast. No surprise there- the girl seems drawn to projects about rape, drugs and hardship more than dancing maidens and the Knights who try to get past theoir chastity belts. Lara Flynn Boyle, who seems to have all but disappeared since her turn on The Practice, will use her supremem boniness play a strung out prostitute.

Secondary cast fillouts include TV vet Vondie Curtis-Hall as a jaded cop, Tara Reid devirginizer Thomas Ian Nicholas as a rookie partner, real-life street denizen turned thesp Mark Webber as a transvestite hooker and Goal!/Ugly Betty Papa Tony Plana as an alcoholic.

The recent announcements join Kerry Washington’s transgender hooker and Edoardo Ballerini’s girlfriend beater-upper.

The film will not feature any puppies, kitties or unicorns, unless it involves them being shot, sodomized, or tied in a gunnysack and thrown in the river.