I’d expect nothing less from the master of discomfort, but our first look at the next Cannes-debuting film from Michael Haneke sells a tough one to be sure. About an elderly couple and their daughter as they deal with the fallout from the mother’s stroke, Amour brings Haneke vet Isabelle Huppert together with Jean-Louis Trintignant (Z, Three Colors: Red), William Shimell (Certified Copy), and Emmanuelle Riva (Three Colors: Blue).

I’m definitely picking up on a much more emotionally raw, performance-centered experience from this French trailer than you might immediately expect from a craftsman of such beautiful images and terrifying atmosphere, but I can’t wait to see for myself. The film has distribution in the States, so I guess we’ll see how wide it runs after it makes an impact one way or another at Cannes.

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via The Film Stage