are no stranger to the filmography of Darren Aronofsky; his Requiem For a Dream is a brilliant look at addictions of all sorts. Now he’s put the kind of visionary filmmaking that has made his name a beloved one around these parts to very good use – a series of meth commercials for the Montana Meth Project.

I don’t know if it’s a function of my generation or where I live, but I don’t know anyone who does meth. I guess I’m pretty lucky, as the drug is apparently a major scourge in certain parts of the country, sort of what crack was like in my neighborhood growing up. Aronofsky’s commercials are dark, creepy and sometimes ironic, showing an uncensored look at what a methhead’s life is like. You can Aronofsky’s commercials right here.

In other Aronofsky news, the DVD cover art for The Fountain has been released, and it’s really tragically bad. Do not let this deter you from buying the DVD! Click here to pre-order it from CHUD.