I missed out on seeing Contagion in the theater, but when I rented the dvd a few months ago when it came out, I immediately wished that I had seen it in the theater, as it’s a nice slice of 70’s-esque paranoia. Not to spoil too much, but the film does end on an upbeat note, even though lots of people are now dead.

Seems like there’s going to be even more paranoia over sore throats, watery eyes, and runny noses, as according to the source article, Contagion 2 is being set up at Warner Bros. as an Open Writing Assignment. Which means they’re just hearing pitches by writers before they finally say “Yeah! That’s exactly what we need! Let’s shoot this fucker!”

The original writer is on board as a producer, and Soderbergh is mostly likely not going to return. Especially given the fact that he only has a few more movies before he finally calls it quits to be one with nature or become a painter or something.

I’m usually one for sequels. Actually, I really love sequels, but this is a movie that seemed to be just a one off. Didn’t really seem like they could go anywhere else, but what the hell. I’ll probably end up seeing it anyway. Too bad Outbreak never had a sequel.

source: bloody-disgusting