Everyone knows that Hollywood limousine liberals have a September 10th mentality, or at least everyone that listens to AM talk radio and watches Fox News knows that. I mean, we’re talking scientific fact, people. Proof positive comes in the form of a new indie feature that takes place in those rosy pre-9/11 days when our President was known mostly as an accomplished brush-clearer and freedom was still free, instead of being a buck ‘o five.

August is the story of two brothers who try to keep their startup company fiscally afloat on the market. But as you might have guessed from the title, it’s August 2001 and something bad looms on the horizon. Josh Hartnett has already been cast as one of the brothers, and he’ll be producing the flick as well. Naomie Harris, the cutie from After the Sunset and 28 Days Later will be the female lead, but there’s no word yet on whether she’s a love interest for one or both of the guys or not at all. Who cares? She’s great and it’s her picture I’m putting up with this story.

Anyway, the flick’s going to be directed by Austin Chick, who you may remember for his 2002 Mark Ruffalo feature XX/XY. They’re looking at an April start date on location in New York, which I understand was their second choice after Prague was all booked up for the spring.