France has a cultural ministry dedicated to promoting and protecting their national arts and heritage, but that’s nothing compared to the big Warner Bros money… at least that’s what I assume led the home of the Eiffel Tower and the recently corpsed Baudrillard to issue a set of stamps featuring the Harry Potter characters.

There will be a set of ten stamps, which will star Harry, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasely as seen in the movies, not in the book illustration. This means Daniel Radcliff gets a stamp before Huey P Newton (just to put it in perspective). They were unveiled at La Fete du Timbre et de l’Ecrit 2007, which is France’s “Stamp Festival.” The set goes for 8 bucks and ten cents, in good old American dollars (the only currency accepted by God).

France is not the first nation to issue stamps featuring the boy wizard and friends – Australia and the Isle of Man have issued Potter postage.