Michael Biehn and me! Cameo by Sly Stallone!

One of the best character actors out there has found a second calling as a director/producer. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Biehn (and his wife Jennifer Blanc-Biehn) at the Austin Comic Con last November, and they were really proud of their production, The Victim, as well as the recently released The Divide (I bought this film solely on his recommendation, and it really is pretty great, as well as pretty grim.) Together they’ve formed Blanc Biehn Productions, and one of the first films they’re doing is one he’s going to star in (as well as produce) called Treachery.

According to the source article, the film is about a gent named Henry (Biehn) who is reunited with his son Nathan at a wedding party taking place in a remote cabin. Nathan’s girlfriend Cecilia tags along, much to Henry’s discomfort, and when a storm hits, and everyone is trapped int he cabin, lots of bad stuff goes down.

I’m looking forward to Treachery, as well as The Victim, because that film seems to be a really great throwback (it’s going to be released by Anchor Bay, just like The Divide was) and I hope that it’s a success to bring more of those films that he struck a deal for that the esteemed Mr. Daniel W. Baldwin wrote about some time ago.

source: deadline