I’m only a recent fan of Wet Hot American Summer, but I’m definitely fan enough of David Wain to be intrigued by any comedy he puts together- especially one supposedly written with Michael Showalter shortly after Wet Hot American Summer and long ago put in turnaround.

The film, called They Came Together (I get it!), puts Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd in a combative romantic comedy with an eye towards parodying the genre. The romance and conflict brew as Paul Rudd’s evil corporation targets poor Poehler’s “knick knack store” and the two collide, and then collide parts.

The script saw new life when it was performed at a table read in Janurary at SketchFest with both the leads involved. Showalter remains involved as a producer, and I can’t imagine he won’t show up in the film as well. Poehler and Rudd have certainly kept their energy fresh with frequent collaboration on Parks & Rec, which should be good for this story that will take them through all of the rom-com cliches in what I have to assume will be the most smart-assed manner possible.

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Source | Variety (via BAD)