It’s a shame we’re having to cover so many departures (and fairly major ones) in regards to Quentin Tarantino’s currently-filming Django Unchained, but such things are bound to happen when you’re cramming so much talent in a single, challenging movie. Today we have a big and a small departure- the first being the loss of Kurt Russell as slave driver Ace Woody, and Sacha Baron Cohen as a gambler who buys Django’s wife.

Cohen’s departure is simply a matter of scheduling- he can’t break away from selling his rotten-looking comedy The Dictator to film the small part. As for Russell though, rumors are already wildly lit up about disagreements concerning the “westerness” of the movie, and other creative differences with Tarantino. Whether his issues with Quentin led to him walking are unknown, but that’s your unreliable word around the campfire.

Other rumors suggest that the role will be cut entirely, rather than the production trying to find another last-minute replacement (and I suppose reshooting). Its a shame that pieces of what are apparently a fantastic script might be lost, but I’m sure plenty of greatness will remain. We’ll update you with any legit details that come out.

Source | Jeff Snider, The Film Stage