I’m pretty fucking delighted by the Gangster Squad trailer Nick posted not long ago, almost as much as I was not delighted by the Lawless trailer. Squad is clearly the broader flick, but it’s not visually soaked in piss like Lawless, nor for all its camp does it seem to feature an accent struggle as spotty as Tom Hardy’s. Regardless, both films look to be big splashy gagster-fests in their own way, and if you could use a nice chaser of slower, sloppier thug-work, check out this 42 second clip of Cogan’s Trade, I mean Killing Them Softly… What the hell is it with gangster films trading good titles for shitty ones?

And don’t worry, there’s nothing meaty or spoiler-worthy, or even a glimpse at lead Brad Pitt. Just a nice, evocative single shot and a little Liotta yelling.

If you’re not familiar with this project- rectify that shit but quick. I think it’s fair to expect a more deliberate, atmospheric look at the life of people on the fringes of law from Andrew Dominik, which is likely to run in nice contrast with these bigger gangster pictures. I’m eager to see them all, but this is the one I have the highest hopes for, the greater demands of, and the more tightly crossed fingers that it pulls off something great.

via Indiewire