Lots and lots of rumors have swirled around Fast Six and what human beings will drive cars or chase those who do in the film. Statham, Gina Carano, Rihanna, Luke Evans… in, out, around or otherwise, there’s been plenty of coverage of their respective statuses with the project. Today clear a little bit of it up, as Variety has reported Luke Evans (Immortals) will follow up The Hobbit by immediately jumping on the shoot of the latest Fast and Furious film from Justin Lin.

Along with the confirmation comes what might be the most substantial new bit of plot news yet- that the film will focus on another heist as expected, but the conflict will come because two crews will be attempting the same caper. This out there because Luke Evans has been cast as the leader of the rival crew.

There are still lots of beings whose involvement requires clearing up, so look out for that.

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Source | Variety (via /Film)