Look at him! A CHUD favorite for a decade (well before I was around), Peter Dinklage is now taking his rightful throne at the top of pop culture… The motherfucker is tearing it up on Game of Thrones, and while an Emmy is nice, it’s shit like this that really marks how much of an impact the guy has had. A wealth of class and talent, he’s had a singular persona going back long before he took on Tyrion Lannister or Marlowe on Nip/Tuck and certainly before Elf. Nah, let’s take that shit back to 13 Moons at least, where he was sidekicking for another great character actor that’s finally gotten his deserved culture cache of late, Mr. Buscemi.

You can pick this up on Friday, May 11th. Do so.

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Thanks to Tim Kelly for alerting me to this!