Clark Gregg was a super-cool working character actor for something like 20 years before Iron Man brought him into the Marvel universe, but since then he’s become much more widely recognizable as the warmly smart-assed SHIELD Agent Coulson. I’m happy to say that Gregg will be getting many other non-Marvel opportunities to be awesome after the mega-success of The Avengers and now — along with re-teaming with Whedon to play Leonato in the director’s Much Ado About Nothing film — he’ll be joining Jason Reitman’s next.

The film is Labor Day, a Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet (and James Van Der Beek!)  thriller that we’ve covered the casting of pretty thoroughly. This is the one about a single mother who inadvertently picks up and helps out an escaped convict, ultimately falling in love with him. It’s definitely a new direction for director Jason Reitman, but I have to wonder if it might be something more routine for Gregg, if in fact he’s been cast as an FBI agent pursuing Brolin or something. That may not be the case at all, I’m just spitballing due to a lack of actual details about what character he’ll play.

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Source | THR (via The Film Stage)